News from Italian Classroom

Signora would like to let you know about what each of our classes are learning in Italian

Buongiorno everyone. The Italian classroom is buzzing with weather reports (il tempo) from classe 4/5/6. I am very impressed with how the students have put some of their presentations together. Our next step is to edit the presentations and to think about how the students want to dress up. An amazing achievement from the class.

The buzz is also happening in classe 2/3 with our story “Il bruco molto affamato” (The very hungry caterpillar). Students have learnt the days of the week in the language and this week we started on the vocabulary of the food the caterpillar eats during the week. We are looking forward to the art/craft activity in a couple of weeks and creating caterpillars and butterflies.

Classe F/1 are verbally interacting in the language and are now able to say how they feel quite confidently. Through the song they recall the everyday language introduced to them. Their positive vibe is outstanding. I love watching them dance “Il ballo di qua qua qua”. (The duck dance). Have a wonderful week. 

Ciao from Signora