Katandra Keys

We've had a Katandra Key cash in bonanza during Term 1

Katandra Keys is the acknowledgement system for SWPBS, they are how we acknowledge positive behaviour at Katandra West Primary School. I have had a number of students visit me throughout Term 1 to cash in their Katandra Keys. Students receive Katandra Keys for demonstrating our school values and expected behaviours.

During Term 1, 38 students cashed in 550 Katandra Keys! They cashed them in for various rewards on our Rewards Menu, which includes rewards such as choosing something from the mystery prize box, renting a special chair, having a picnic lunch with two friends and planning a lesson to teach their class. Students can cash in 10, 20, 30 or 40 Katandra Keys, with the rewards increasing in value on the Rewards Menu. 

With so many Katandra Keys being cashed in, it shows just how much of a positive learning environment we have at Katandra West Primary School.