At Katandra West Primary School, we aim to offer our students opportunities to use digital technologies in meaningful ways. As a result, we place technology in the hands of our students to compliment the outstanding programs that take place.  Part of our strategy is a 1:1 iPad program for students in Years 4, 5 and 6.


Our current use of iPads has placed a greater focus on integrating mobile device technology and a shift away from the more traditional methods of desktop computing. This has been done to ensure Katandra West Primary School continues to lead the way in using up to date digital technologies and resources to best benefit our students. 


In addition to the iPads, students from Foundation through to Year 6 will have access to netbooks and desktops to ensure they are exposed to a wide range of digital technologies.


Katandra West Primary School is a member of "TheComputerSchool". TheComputerSchool is an online computer and technology-based training centre, providing one of the largest and most diverse, and user-friendly, Technology Training Directories (TTD) available anywhere. The TTD includes engaging and detailed tutorials and lessons covering an extensive and varied range of virtually all of today's most commonly used computer and technology-based programs, apps and devices, and most related topics etc.



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